Corset Waist Training Tips

1. Wear an undershirt (cotton) or corset liner under the corset. 2. Moisturize the skin and make sure there are no dry spots. Red skin is a sign of dry skin. 3. After putting the corset on, pull the laces snug, not tight and straighten out the shirt or tube underneath. Reach behind you and […]

Waist Training for Beginners

Women who are not naturally endowed with a coveted hourglass figure may still be able to achieve this standard through a procedure known as waist training. Waist training involves the use of a laced body corset that is worn in a consistent manner. The Waist Training Process The goal of corset training is to reduce […]

Tight Lacing for Beginners

Tight lacing is a method for sculpting the body into an hourglass figure by regular use of a corset. Because of the flexibility of the ribcage, wearing a corset for extended periods of time — typically 16 to 24 hours a day — can reduce the size of the waist, forming a permanently modified body […]

Corset Care – How to Look After Corsets

The hourglass shape has always been a body shape for all women to admire and endeavor towards. With a corset, this goal can finally be reached. However, knowing how to care for your corset is an important factor. First of all, at the very least, make sure you air out the corset each time after […]

How To Lace a Corset

This is a guide to lacing yourself or a friend into a corset. If you want to get your corset on tight enough to give you an hourglass figure but loose enough to let you breathe and keep your ribs in one piece, follow these instructions with careful patience and precision. It is important that […]