Corset Care – How to Look After Corsets

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The hourglass shape has always been a body shape for all women to admire and endeavor towards. With a corset, this goal can finally be reached. However, knowing how to care for your corset is an important factor.

First of all, at the very least, make sure you air out the corset each time after you wear it. This will keep it fresh and help maintain a pristine condition. Do this by laying it flat on a surface with the lining exposed, preferably in a place with some air flow.

Once in a while (no more than a few times a year), you will want to clean your corset more thoroughly. Never, never wash your corset in a washing machine. Ask before you buy any corset whether it should be dry cleaned or hand washed. If dry cleaned, make sure your dry cleaner knows how to properly handle a corset. If hand washed, do it with very mild, non-biological soap (not detergent) in cold water. For stubborn stains, use a toothbrush or damp washcloth to scrub. Dry by gently absorbing any water with a towel, and hang in a well-ventilated place. Don’t hang it where the sun can reach it; this will make your corset fade quickly. The stays and boning can rust easily so be careful when washing, don’t hang it on a metal hanger, and make sure it is dry within a few hours. Never let the corset remain wet overnight.

However, keep in mind that the more your corset is cleaned, the more distress it undergoes and the quicker it will start to degenerate. To minimize the amount of times your corset is hand washed or dry cleaned, it is recommended to use liners under your corset. Such liners will protect against natural body oils and sweat, and your corset will become dirty less quickly. If your corset seems to have acquired an odor, you can spray it lightly with Febreeze about once a month or less. Take care not to spray on too much, or your corset may rust.

For storage, you can either lay your corset flat in a drawer or hang it on a non-wire hangar with the laces touching the bar of the hanger. Do not fold or roll it, as this will result in creases and possibly wear and tear on your corset. If kept in a drawer, it is recommended that you air it out occasionally if it has not been taken out in a while.

Hopefully, following the tips above and your corset’s manufacturer’s instructions, you will maximize the life of your corset and maintain its beautiful, elegant style.



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