Corset Dresses
Corset Dress

If you are looking for a more unique look in a dress consider choosing a corset dress. The corset style has been around for many years. This style is meant to give the wearer a beautiful hour glass figure and compliment the wearer’s natural assets. A corset dress is meant to draw attention to the most narrow part of the waist, and add some extra lift and support to the curves on top. This gives off a very sensuous, womanly look to the wearer.

The corset style has had increasing popularity throughout all regions of the world, and women everywhere are choosing this style of dress for their special occasions. While you can find custom made corset dresses that are suitable for casual wear, the majority of corset dresses are made for more formal events such as weddings and proms. There are large lines of corset prom dresses and many corset wedding dresses consumers can choose from. These dresses are made of very different materials from elegant lace and satin to sexy, gothic leather and vinyl. Many actresses have taken to wearing corset dresses for red carpet events such as Angelina Jolie.

There are two main styles of corset dresses to choose from. You have your over the bust corset dress style and under the bust corset dress style. An over the bust corset dress will give you a more subtle, demure curve, while under the bust gives more definition and will draw more attention to your top curves. Which style that is right depends upon how much skin you are comfortable showing and what your particular tastes are.

If you have never worn a corset before and are not familiar with what to look for in a corset dress or even how to wear it, here are some helpful tips on how to shop for the right one for you and what to look for. To begin with you will need to know your waist measurements. This is to ensure you get the right size. Ideally, you will want to purchase a corset dress that is a good three to four inches less than your waist measurement. You want the fit to be snug but not so tight you are uncomfortable. These rules also apply to plus size corset dresses.

When wearing your corset dress, you will first either unhook the hooks or loosen the laces so you can get into it comfortably. Next lace the laces up or do the hooks so you have a comfortable snug feel.

Once you know what to expect, you may find corset dresses are the perfect choice for your dress style to give you that elegant, sexy look you have been looking for.