Corset Tops

corset tops

Few articles of clothing make a woman feel sexier or more feminine than a corset. The good news for women today is that corsets and corset tops are accepted outer wear. In years past, a corset was strictly underwear. Ladies were boned and laced into tight corsets for the sake of fashion, their bodies sculpted into rigid curves. They couldn’t bend over, and could barely breathe.

Many women still wear a corset as underwear once or twice in their lives. Under a wedding gown, prom dress, or other fabulous gown, nothing gives you the perfect shape like a corset.

Fortunately for us, corsets also morphed into lingerie for fun and fantasy. We could wear them if we wanted to feel sexy, or to vamp our boyfriends or husbands. A corset could fulfill our secret fantasies, whether it was white with rosebuds and ribbons, or black leather with rivets.

Now, they’ve gotten even better. Put a corset with a pair of high-end jeans and heels, and go clubbing. Wear one with a long black skirt and boots and it’s a fabulous outfit for a date at a restaurant. We’re still feeling sexy, but we’re out of the bedroom.

Today, there is an abundance of corset tops—tops to wear out that look like corsets but are more comfortable. These have the look—the beauty, the elegance, or the sophistication—of a corset, but lack the rigid boning and tight lacing. Many have zippers on the side or up the back, with the lacing just for show.

Just like a true corset, they come in all styles and colors. Find yours in any color from basic black to virginal white, and a rainbow of shades in between. Many styles are available, whether you prefer a classic style with ribbons and ruffles, or the bondage look of leather. For girls into punk or goth, corset tops are available in these looks, too. Animal prints such as leopard or python are popular. Fabrics run the gamut from the traditional satin to taffeta, silk, velvet, jacquard, brocade, denim, or leather.

Corset tops are sometimes strapless, but often have spaghetti straps, or a tiny sleeve. They can be worn layered under or over another top for a different look. They are generally worn just below the waist, but some are longer and sashed.

Corsets and corset tops look great on women of every size and shape. For the smaller-busted woman, they are often padded for the most natural look, and ruffles and ribbons can emphasize your bust. For larger women, they show off your assets, and make the waist appear smaller. All of us look curvy and sensational, just like women are supposed to.