How To Lace a Corset

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This is a guide to lacing yourself or a friend into a corset. If you want to get your corset on tight enough to give you an hourglass figure but loose enough to let you breathe and keep your ribs in one piece, follow these instructions with careful patience and precision.

It is important that you employ the use of a mirror when putting on your corset, so that you can check and correct your work as you go. A corset liner is also an important accessory purchase, as it will protect your skin against undue abrasions.

Once you have your corset liner in place, loose the strings along the back of your corset, without untying the bottom knot. Put your corset on backward, with the strings in the back and the latches at the front. Latch your corset together and then tug the corset around until the laces are at the front of your body.

Using your thumbs, pull the strings out from the middle metal links along your back. Pull the strings around to your front and tighten them at an upward slant until the lower part of your corset is to your liking. Be careful not to pull too tight, as you need to be able to socialise comfortably for at least a few hours!

Next, take the top strings in hand and pull them at a downward angle, tightening the corset around your thorax (sternum and ribs). Do not pull too tight or you will experience great discomfort during wear and your ribs will be in danger of snapping as you sit and move around.

Lastly, focus you attention on tying the strings into a knot at your waist. This is the most important step in your corset fitting. After tying the strings into an initial knot, perform a series of tightening maneuvers. Pull the strings simultaneously to each side; tighten your knot. Pull the strings up; tighten your knot. Pull the strings down; tighten your knot. Get the picture? After one last pull to the sides, tie your corset strings into a final knot that will hold firm and tuck the strings under your corset.

You have now achieved your hourglass figure.



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