Overbust Corsets

Overbust corsets have transcended their beginnings as an undergarment to see modern times as evening wear as well. The golden age of corsetry is considered the Victorian era, when fashion balanced small waists with full skirts and puffed sleeves.

Most modern era corsets are built upon this Victorian version of the corset, as previous incarnations of the garment were less focused on the waist and more on pushing the bust upwards to spill over the top of a tight bodice.

The Victorian style of corsets changed in shape and sought to round out the bust, not compress it. Flattening the tummy and adding volume in the bust can make the corset a go-to piece for when one wants to bring out their femininity in a glamorous and exciting way.

No longer relegated to the lingerie drawer, overbust corsets are often worn for special occasions. Paired with a full skirt, an overbust corset will guide the body into that coveted hourglass shape and evoke a forgotten era of romance. Suitable for prom or other formal settings, overbust corsets are an unexpected and sexy choice for a fashionable lady. The corset is a staple of gothic fashion and can be seen on many well-dressed women, and some men, in nightclubs. The corset is also wildly popular in the fetish community, often in more exaggerated styles.

Wearing overbust corsets can be delightful. Seeing your body guided into a graceful hourglass figure can give your self-confidence a boost like nothing else. The way a corset makes one feel can explain some of their popularity. It’s hard not to feel like hot stuff when you look in the mirror and see the archetype of feminine beauty in your reflection. A certain sense of empowerment comes from putting on the garment, overbust corsets can improve upon what nature gave you in ways that you’d not dared to imagine.

The overbust corset is not just for parties though, tucking this little secret underneath as lingerie can provide support, a narrower waist and something for you to smile about. No one needs to know your secret unless you tell them!

The long standing associations with health risks are unfounded, despite what history may claim. Wearing a corset properly laced will not cause internal injuries, fainting or other health issues. The problems cited in Victorian times were isolated cases of overzealous women lacing their corsets too tightly.

The modern corset is not designed to be laced as such and reduces the risk of possible misuse. It would be painful long before it became harmful to lace oneself in too tightly, though selecting overbust corsets in the correct size can ensure that no such problem will arise.