Plus Size Corsets

Corsets can be a sexy addition to any woman’s lingerie collection, but to truly show off this garment’s potential requires sensual curves and sinuous lines that are the hallmark of the plus size woman.

Crafted in silky satins or sensuous velvets or other plush materials, a plus size corset shows off your assets to advantage. Unlike the corsets of your great-great-grandmother’s day, today’s plus size corsets are designed for looks and comfort, and are available in a wide range of fabrics that hug the skin and tease the eye.

Embellishments like lace and lacings, bows and buttons, and striping and piping, keep the eye moving along your curves. While some corsets include lacing, most incorporate it as a decorative element that adds a little hint of flirtatious bondage, rather than relying on the laces as the means of fastening the corset. Most corsets have easy to use zippers or hooks, which may be in the front or running up and down the back of the corset to allow for ease in putting the corset on, and in taking it off.

One of the most playful elements of the plus size corset is the wide range of colors that are offered. Yes, there’s naughty black and virginal white, but in between, there are pinks and pastels, as well as vibrant purples and electric blues. Lace panels and overlays accent the bust, waist and hip areas, and many incorporate jacquard, tapestry, floral, and other printed fabrics to set the mood and reflect your style. Plus size corsets are also offered with or without straps, depending on your mood.

Corsets are great for intimate play, and they’re also ideal for clubbing and other social outings. Combined with a skirt, jeans, or black leather pants and heels, you can set the entire tone of your evening with the right plus size corset.

Of course, corsets can do more than make you look and feel sexy; they are an ideal complement to any sleeveless, low-cut, or backless dress or top, smoothing your upper body and revealing a more defined, shapelier profile. Under any top, the support of a well-fitted corset is incomparable, and these garments can give you the support an ample bust line craves. Unlike traditional bras that rely on a single swath of elastic to keep the bust elevated and supported, the plus size corset hugs your ribcage, offering comfortable, consistent support that doesn’t sag as the day wears on. And because they are designed to stay put, there’s no upward creep when you move.

Whether you choose a plus size corset for play or for foundation wear, there’s a spot in every woman’s wardrobe for a corset – or even two or three.