Underbust Corsets

The traditional corset has long been associated with discomfort, the inability to breathe, and awkward fainting spells. But today’s corsets are sleek and comfortable to wear, providing a sexy, intensely feminine look. In a variety of materials, from silk to satin to brocade or even leather, corsets give you a boost of confidence and strength.

In past years, the corset was a necessary item of women’s fashion. Designed with steel or bone inserts and long laces, the corset drew a woman’s figure into a perfect hourglass, reducing the waist and accentuating the bust and hips. Now, corsets are more often seen as an accessory for festive occasions, for period costuming, or to give you an extra boost of sexiness for that special someone.

The Underbust Corset

Traditionally, there are two types of corsets–underbust corsets and overbust corsets. The underbust corset is possibly the best known of the two. It encloses the waist, ending just under the breasts. It can partially cover the breasts, creating an enhanced decolletage, or can rest beneath the breasts. It is tightened with long laces, often placed in a decorative, criss-cross style, and comes in a variety of colors, fabrics, sizes and configurations. You’re sure to find just the underbust corset to complement your outfit, as there are many to choose from.

The underbust corset is also preferred to the overbust corset for wear under clothing. While in the past most corsets were worn as undergarments, now they are often worn outside other clothes. If you wish to go for a more traditional, undergarments look, an underbust corset is likely to work better for you.

Why Wear a Corset?

There are any number of reasons to wear an underbust corset. While many women are reluctant to try one, assuming they’ll be uncomfortable, those who try often find they want to wear the corset as often as possible. With today’s new, modern materials, corsets are comfortable and give you a look different from anything else you can wear. The hourglass look an underbust corset provides is flattering to women of all shapes and sizes, and even small-busted women can experience the pleasure of a full decolletage with a corset that fits just right.

The best, most comfortable corsets are carefully custom made to your size and shape, but many pre-made corsets can be comfortable and flattering, as well. With careful sizing and attention to proper wear, an underbust corset can make a world of difference in your look. Try a corset today and watch heads turn.